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Survivor Trustees and COPS Council

In the last couple of weeks we have been asking Survivors to consider joining the Board of Trustees. In the next few days, we will also be asking Survivors to consider joining the COPS Council. If you would like to be considered for either of these roles, please do get in touch. Closing dates are fast approaching and we want to hear from anyone who is interested. More information is in the documents section of the COPS website. I am looking forward to announcing the new Survivor Trustee and new COPS Councillors in the coming weeks.


Christine Fulton – Co-Founder Life Vice-President

One piece of people news that I can announce now is the appointment of Christine Fulton as Co-Founder Life Vice-President of COPS. The appointment recognises Christine’s role as Co-founder of the charity, her experience as first national president and willingness as an ever present volunteer. In this role Christine will continue to devote her time and energy to the charity and will provide support to the National President.


COPS Car – Richard Perkins and Bob Faulkner

We also have some volunteer retirements. After many years dedicated commitment to COPS and the COPS Cruiser Richard Perkins and Bob Faulkner are hanging up their COPS driving gloves. All of us at COPS would like to thank them for everything they have done driving and maintaining the car in support of the charity. This means that we are looking for somebody who is willing and able to keep, maintain and be responsible for the cruiser. If you are this person (or people) please get in touch with the office on


Tracy Walker

Finally, Tracy Walker is retiring from the COPS Council. Tracy has been involved with COPS from the start and has played a big part in making the charity the success that we are today. She has been a Trustee, Vice-President and throughout a dedicated volunteer for the charity. Our sincere thanks to Tracy for her enthusiasm and commitment for COPS.


Best wishes

Richard Kotulecki, CEO

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