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SURVIVORS have steered the progress we have made as a charity in the last 18 months. In the coming months, I will be asking you to once again take part in a wide ranging consultation – this time adjusting your foresight to perfect 2020 vision.

In summer 2015, we conducted an in-depth consultation to understand how Survivors viewed COPS and what Survivors wanted from the charity.

The outcomes of the consultation steered the development of the charity in 2016:

We extended access to professional counselling support by increasing the number of counselling sessions COPS will fund. We introduced the partnership with Winston’s Wish to provide specialist counselling for children, and the Red Arc partnership to offer all Survivors the all-round holistic support provided by their Nurse Advisors.

We made changes to both the Survivors’ Weekend and the peer support weekends to make them more accessible and higher quality to offer more people more opportunities to attend.

We have a dedicated, but small, staff team in place to take care of the day-to-day operations.

Survivors have joined the Board of Trustees ensuring greater Survivor involvement in the governance of the charity. We have also clarified and formalised the role of the COPS Council, ensuring that Survivors’ representatives remain involved in the development of support services and events.

We have taken steps to ensure that, as a legal entity, COPS is best positioned to be wholly inclusive, representative of all families and best equipped to do more for all Survivors through the most effective means possible.

As a result of the great progress we have made in the 18 months since the last consultation, by the end of 2017 we will have completed all the foundation work to which we committed at the end of 2015. The current three-year plan has been updated to reflect the rapid progress, and contains more detail on what we will achieve this year. The plan can be found on the website in the documents section at www.ukcops.org/docs.php or contact the COPS office.

Of course, one of the implications of being less than 12 months away from completing work set out in our first plan is that we need to consider what we should prioritise in our next plan. So in late Spring and Summer I will be inviting everyone who has an interest in COPS, and particularly Survivors, to help set out a vision for COPS in 2020.

Together with the COPS Council and the Board of Trustees, the question that I will be asking is “What do we want our charity to look like by the end of 2020?” We will make available some forms and questionnaires on which to submit your views, and I would also welcome emails and letters sharing your vision for the charity.

Incorporation Update
The process of incorporating the charity is moving ahead steadily. As I have mentioned before, the reasons for incorporating are so that we put the charity in the best legal position to provide services for Survivors.

The new incorporated body has been set up and we are now in the process of transferring assets and liabilities to that body. Once the process is complete, we will be operating in England and Wales with a new charity number. The charity’s name (and for that matter the Scottish Charity number) will remain the same. Having a new charity number will also mean having new bank details. We will publish details of both in the coming weeks.

People News
We will shortly be announcing the new survivor Trustee. We received a good number of applications for this role, and are currently arranging meetings with the Trustees’ Nominations Committee.

Survivors will have also received an invitation to apply to join the COPS Council. We hope that many of you will want to help with the running of our charity and will put yourselves forward for these roles. If you would like to be considered, please hurry, as the closing date is Sunday 19 March.

Finally, to complete the people developments in the charity, Christine Fulton’s role as Co-Founder, her experience as first national President and willingness as an ever present volunteer are being formally recognised in the formal role of Co-Founder Life Vice-President.

In this role Christine will continue to devote her time and energy to the charity and will provide support to the National President.

I look forward to seeing you in the coming months.

Richard Kotulecki (pictured)

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