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WHAT do you want from COPS? Care of Police Survivors is looking to expand its Survivor Committee so it can better represent the large group of survivors that it supports.

Heather Cooper, who has been the Chair of the Committee since it was first formed in October 2012, is looking for regional representatives who can gather feedback from their areas and report back on what survivors would like to see the charity provide for survivors in the future.

“We are looking to increase the size of the Committee so that we can become more representative of the diverse and large group of survivors that we have,” says Heather.

“We would also like to ensure that you are aware of activities that are taking place in your area or region and give everyone the opportunity to attend fundraising events in support of the charity or set up local activities.”

The COPS Survivor Committee was first put together because the charity’s Trustees wanted to ensure that the families and survivors of fallen police officers had more of a say. The Committee has helped to provide a mechanism for this over the last 17 months.

Members of the committee work closely with the Trustees and it is primarily made up of survivors, taking on the day-to-day work of managing all the important events the charity undertakes each year.

Its responsibilities include organising the summer Survivors Weekend and other weekend events, as well as fundraising activities and merchandise sales.

The COPS Survivor Liaison and the ever expanding ways of communicating are also within its terms of reference.

The Trustees feel this ensures that survivors will always have a real voice in the future about what they want from the charity.

The Committee currently consists of the following members, each with an area of responsibility. They are Heather Cooper, Chair; Sue Pyke, Survivor Liaison; Christine Fulton, Merchandise; Sue Bishop, Events Coordinator; Janet Graham, Marketing Lead and Sandra Jones, Chair of the Fundraising Committee.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Committee please contact Heather Cooper at

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