Sue Brace: An eventful four years as COPS’ President

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Sue Brace

IN THE last four years as president of Care of Police Survivors, the charity has developed at an incredible speed. Sadly our survivors have increased as officers continue to die on duty.

But we are also welcoming new survivors from past deaths who have become aware of COPS. These past 12 months I feel has been our busiest. We have also seen ever increasing numbers of representatives from police forces and organisations throughout the UK and beyond.

Since COPS first started, many survivors have become close friends. These friendships have created a fantastic network of survivors supporting one another through their grief. I watch as these families welcome new survivors into the COPS family and their healing begins.

We have seen a lot of changes as well in the past four years, but as ever the Trustees and Survivor Committee work incredibly hard to look at the way COPS is run and looking at ways we can carry out continuous support instead of just a weekend.

This year for the first time the parents’ weekend was split into two different venues. For some parents they like the hotel and the events we put on.  For others the appeal of a house and peace and quiet to sit and chat suited them. Not everyone is in the same place on their journey of grief.

On a personal note, it has been an honour and privilege to have served as the president of Care of Police Survivors. It’s been the hardest but most rewarding job I have ever undertaken. It’s been 24 hours 7 days a week and very emotional at times. There has been lots of laughter, plenty of ups and downs. I know one person will be extremely pleased I’m standing down and that will be my mum as she will no longer have to make an appointment to see me! I feel guilty as I forget that mum is a survivor as well and needs support.

I would like to thank my husband Simon, who has been a tremendous support when I’m pacing the floor at all hours of the night. He has listened to me practicing my speeches, handed out tissues and given me advice at times when I have been so low. Simon has been dragged all over the country – he has been my rock.

I have also met the most amazing families who I’m immensely proud to call my friends.

Thank you to you all for making Care of Police Survivors what it is today, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support not only to myself but to the team of Trustees, Survivor Committee and volunteers.

Sue Brace, MBE, President of Care of Police Survivors

(Sue is pictured centre with Sue Bishop, left, and chairman of COPS Jan Berry, right)

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