Survivors don’t need to suffer in silence

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DO YOU need someone to talk to?

Care of Police Survivors has a dedicated Survivor Liaison who is specifically on hand to listen and offer support to those who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. Sue Pyke is a qualified counsellor with extensive experience in bereavement and, as a survivor herself, is keen to offer support in any way that she can.

Sue’s daughter, PC Stacey Pyke, of Lincolnshire Police, tragically died in a car accident on 15 January, 2007 as she drove home after a night shift to Yaxley, Cambridgeshire.

“As a survivor I know that there are times when grief just feels like a tsunami, you are taken completely unawares by the emotion and often try hard to hide it for fear of upsetting others or appearing weak and unable to cope,” says Sue.

“If you feel you need to talk then I am here to listen.”

The charity exists to help people rebuild shattered lives. Survivors can contact Sue on 07990657486 or email

She will make every effort to reply as quickly as she can.
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