Do you have any spare Coppers for COPS?

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SUPPORTERS of Care of Police Survivors have been asked to make a little change to their daily habits that could create a big difference for the charity.

The “Coppers for COPS” challenge, which kicks off on 1 January, sees people from around the country asked to save their loose change for the charity. Those that take part have been asked to collect their coppers for the whole year and then donate their takings to the charity at the end of 2015. A special money box (pictured) has been designed for the challenge.

A spokesman for COPS said: “We are asking people to support us by saving their loose change and at the end of the year donating it to COPS. Simple as that! You can of course save your change in anything you like but we do have our own money boxes especially for this fundraising challenge.

“These compact money boxes will take up little space but hold a surprisingly large number of coins and will be ideal for your desk.”

The attractive blue and white boxes cost £4.50 including postage and packaging and are available now from the COPS online shop:

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