Care of Police Survivors diary dates for 2015!

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2014 Police Federation Conference, Bournemouth, Dorset, Jason Bye, 21/05/14

WANT to know what is happening with Care of Police Survivors in 2015? What meetings are occurring when? What weekends are available for survivors?

COPS has published its diary dates for 2015, which include weekends for survivor parents, children, spouses and siblings.

Click here/see below for full list of dates.

Survivor Committee Meetings: 24/25 Jan. 7 Mar. 20 Jun. 3/4 Oct

Trustee Meetings: 15 Mar. 27 Jun. 7 Nov

Survivors Weekend: 24-26 Jul

AGM: 25 Jul

Parents Weekend: 20-22 Mar

Children Weekend: 10 – 12 Apr

Spouses’ Weekend: 16 -18 Oct

Siblings Weekend: 9-11 Oct


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