Police forces give COPS long-term financial boost

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THE long-term future of Care of Police Survivors has been given a sizeable boost thanks to forces and the work of Chief Constable Chris Sims.

Forty forces have committed to donating £2,000 each, every year for the next three years – at least – to enable the charity to continue to do its vital work. The donations total £240,000, which will cover the running costs of the charity. 

The move was as a result of Mr Sims, Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, who wrote to all of his ACPO colleagues to ask them to make regular donations to COPS.

This cash will enable the charity to focus on providing survivors with the support they need, rather than fundraising, according to Jan Berry, chair of the charity.

Mrs Berry said: “This provides COPS with the security of having the core costs of running the charity provided by forces which will then enable survivors to focus on the important part of the role – which is being there for other survivors.

“A lot of focus in the past has been on doing lots of fundraising in order to make sure we can keep going and what forces have now done, thanks to Chris, is to provide us with the security of knowing our core costs are covered.”

Mr Sims said the cash will “secure COPS’ long-term sustainability by changing its relationship with the police service to allow it to be treated as a service provider rather than simply a charitable organisation”.

Mr Sims, who is a Trustee of COPS, joined the Police Service in 1980 and was appointed Chief Constable of West Midlands Police in 2008. He has been an ardent supporter of the COPS charity and became a Trustee in 2009.

He added: “For my part, putting aside the strong emotional reasons to support COPS, the business case for its provision of long-term contact and care, which forces have always struggled to achieve, is overwhelming.”

Mrs Berry said the charity would continue to raise money and collect donations from elsewhere, but that the money provided by forces will provide the charity with financial security.

She added: “From a Trustee’s point of view, I am eternally grateful to forces for providing these donations because it provides the assurance that we can continue to provide survivors with support.

“We recognise that in these days of austerity it is easy to forget about those people that have been left behind by police officers killed on duty and it is a mark of respect to them from the police service that we do not forget.”

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