Pension campaign: Police family must outline risks of the job

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THE spouse’s pension campaign – calling on the Government to allow widows of police officers to keep their spouse’s pension if they remarry or cohabit – has now reached a crucial stage, and the help of the police family is requested.

As part of the campaign, all survivors, serving and retired police officers, and families are being encouraged to write to Police Minister Mike Penning explaining the risks of the job and how it affects family life. 

Mr Penning has stated that campaigners would need to provide ‘compelling and clear arguments’ for the current pension scheme to be changed.

He has pointed out that this had been the case when the Government changed the rules allowing pensions for life for war widows in November last year saying the risks faced by military personnel presented a unique set of circumstances.

The police pension campaign – which has the support of Care of Police Survivors – follows on from a decision in Northern Ireland to reinstate pensions for widows and widowers whose spouses died from 1 January 1972.

Under the RUC Pension Regulations 1988 these survivors will now have their widows’ pension reinstated from 1 July 2014.

The petition was started by police widow Kate Hall – whose West Midlands Police officer husband Colin died from a heart attack at the scene of an incident in 1987.

At the time of writing it has more than 72,000 signatures.

A retired police officer recently gave this description: “Police officers are exposed to potential risk every day of the week throughout the year, every year.

“Armed forces are provided with the tools and weapons to deal with the threat facing them when they knowingly enter the field of conflict. Generally police officers are not armed during their daily duties and rarely have much warning of when conflict will engage them.

“An American study of on duty deaths showed that domestic disturbances were the most likely incidents to end in death or injury of an officer.”

Kate is encouraging people to write to Mr Penning with their views and stories. Please send your letters to Rt Hon Mike Penning MP, The Bury, Queensway, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1HR or attach to an email and send to

Please mark all letters as ‘Private & Confidential’.  If possible email a copy of your letter to Kate at

If you haven’t already signed the online petition please do so at

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