President: More events to look forward to for COPS

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Denis Gunn

WELL here we are, another year, bringing with it fresh challenges for COPS but also more events to look forward to during 2015, writes COPS President Denis Gunn.

Click here/see below to see the full article from Denis. The article includes information on a number of weekends for survivors and news of a new Operations Business Manager for COPS.

The Parents’ Weekend in Wetherby, Yorkshire has been announced for late March and the task of organising the Survivors’ Weekend in July is now well underway.

The Spouses’ Weekend and the Siblings’ Weekend will both take place in October but please be aware that this year, for the first time, an ‘Alternative Weekend’, in June, will also be held for ‘adult children’ survivors and other survivors who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend their own specific weekend. The location for that weekend has not yet been determined but will be announced as soon as possible.

Financing such events runs to thousands of pounds so we are very fortunate to receive so many donations from various sources, one of those being the Police Unity Tour. Numerous police officers and other volunteers are signing up for this year’s tour and there may be as many as 200 riders in total, cycling from various points across the UK. Probable starting points include London, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Wiltshire and Scotland and South Wales, too. The riders will all meet in Tamworth before cycling to the Arboretum together on Sunday 26th July, in time for the COPS Annual Service of Remembrance. We really do appreciate their efforts and their generosity.

Such wonderful donations have enabled the charity to organise a weekend in DisneyLand, Paris, for the young children this coming April. Although COPS has been represented at events outside the UK previously, this is the first time we have organised one and I hope all those travelling there have a “bon voyage”.

We have already received invitations to various Police Open Days and other events this year. If you are able to help with the COPS sales stall when we’re in your area please do let us know. Your help is crucial to our success.

As COPS grows in size and profile it becomes more and more necessary to ensure the charity is structured sufficiently well to deal with the increased demands we face. With this in mind we plan to take on a temporary Operations Business Manager (for want of a better term) who will review our structure and processes to ensure the charity is robust enough to meet all future challenges.

Elsewhere in this newsletter you’ll see an article about the tragic events that took place on the streets of Paris earlier this year. I personally wanted to thank all of you who sent cards and letters of condolence for the families of the French police officers killed during the terrorist attacks. Thank you all very much.

Denis Gunn, President

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