Officers become filthy fundraisers raising cash for COPS

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COPS Wild Run group shot

POLICE officers got soaking wet and covered with mud taking part in a Wild Run assault course to raise money for Care of Police Survivors.

A total of 30 officers got involved in the event to raise cash for the charity. The run was 6km and involved participants jumping over obstacles and crawling in the mud at the event in Great Tew, Oxfordshire. The race was organised by Vision Motorsport and took place in Enstone airfield.

Among the obstacles were a brook run, a spider web made of rope, a monster tyre climbing child, a slippery slide, a swamp swing, a log balance, a challenging climb over a cargo net and a grimy crawl through a muddy trench.

Kevin Tibble, from Banbury, took part in the event with his wife, Kim, 37, to support their friends who are in the police force.

The 35-year-old said: “It was really good, they had a lot of people doing the assault course and we really enjoyed it.

“We were covered in mud and it was quite tough but it was for a good cause.”

Picture thanks to Mark Hemsworth/Oxford Mail.


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