Knights of the road go the extra mile to help charity

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COPS Law ride

GEOFF Martin, from the Blue Knights Motorcycle Club, admits to a lump in his throat during the group’s annual Lawride to support COPS at the annual Service of Remembrance.

The former Staffordshire Police constable tells COPS about why the group of mostly serving or retired police officers is keen to support the charity.

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You are President of the England XI chapter of the Blue Knights Motorcycle Club. Please tell us more.

The England XI chapter covers Staffordshire and West Midlands. Our chapter consists of serving and retired police and prison officers, and my role is to oversee the club activities. We ride a variety of machinery and can usually be seen in colours supporting local charity events including our Lawride event at the Service of Remembrance in support of Care of Police Survivors. I organise the ride and have done since it was established in 1995.

How did you get involved in the Blue Knights and why?

I have always loved bikes and heard about the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcyle Club. I enquired about it because as a police-oriented club it appealed to me. I first joined England I, which is the Merseyside area in 1998. I then broke away and formed England XI in 2000.

Why is the Blue Knights an important organisation?

The original Blue Knights was formed in 1974 by a small group of police officers in Maine, USA. They wanted to stop the bad image that people had about motorcyclists because of the likes of the Hells Angels and other gangs. The Blue Knights is a family club – the biggest law enforcement club in the world. We have brothers and sisters in so many countries – I can’t list them all off the top of my head – and it is still growing.

Why is it important that the Blue Knights supports COPS?

We have supported COPS as a charity from the start. It is obviously very close to our hearts because we are mostly serving or retired police officers and it is the main cause we support. But Chapters also do work for a variety of local charities in their own area.

How often do you get out on your bike?

I get out on my bike as often as work permits, the best thing about biking is the feeling of freedom. The best area to explore? Anywhere in the wild with good twisty roads.

The service recently lost a motorcycle officer in Humberside. How will that have affected PC Russ Wylie’s colleagues on the traffic team? 

Any loss of a colleague in any role in the service is devastating. But the loss of a motorcycle officer really is tough. His mates on the team would have known they had to do him proud and escort his funeral. I know that there would have been be many tears inside their helmets on the day.

Please tell us a little about your role with the police.

I served as a Police Constable in Staffordshire Police and retired from the force in 2011, having served on incident response vehicles, tactical support group, firearms, armed response, traffic and the motorbike section. Since I retired I have been working as a delivery driver for Iceland – the frozen food company, not the country! I have a great many memories from the police obviously. But passing my Rifleman course as a Master Sniper was good! It was a great course.

What was it like working on the roads?

I don’t know how to answer that really. It could go from the the sublime to the extreme. On one day you can be helping a stranded family get their car sorted and then in a high speed pursuit the next.

What might our readers not know about the Blue Knights?

Every Blue Knight has a huge lump in their throat and a tear in their eye when we hear the applause when we arrive at the Lawride.

Please tell us a bit more about your involvement in the Lawride.

My involvement in the Lawride is to organise the time and place of meeting – this year it was held on 10 May – and to ensure we have a police escort. As President of the home chapter, I lead the ride. The Blue Knights take part to show respect for fallen officers and show support to their survivors. The event has grown each year, with more and more bikes taking part. We also hold a camping party on the weekend of the Lawride.

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