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Richard Kotulecki

I have been with COPS now for seven weeks. During this time it has been a genuine pleasure to meet (sometimes only by phone or email) many wonderful people who have combined over many years to make COPS the special charity that it is.

I know that I still have many more such people to meet.

So first of all some heartfelt thank yous – to those of you who have got in touch, to those of you who have patiently answered my questions, and to those of you who have returned your database forms. It is, as they say, a steep learning curve so your help is hugely appreciated.

When I first started I wrote an open letter to the charity to introduce myself, and as I mean to continue as I began I will, on a regular basis, write a follow up to give you a snap shot of what I have been doing and the challenges and opportunities COPS faces.

Since I last wrote to you, I have completed the first part of the Survivor consultation (more details below), made sure that we have adapted to the changes in financial reporting required by the Charity Commission, reviewed employment contracts and appointed a new member of staff. I have also started the process of mapping out all of our policies and processes and taken the first steps in assessing the skills we need to continue our excellent work done to date.

Survivor Consultation

I have had a number of detailed conversations with Survivors representing each relationship to a fallen officer. From these conversations I am developing a full questionnaire to send to all Survivors. The questionnaire will ask about your needs as Survivors now and in the future, and how these have been met (or if they haven’t been met).

From this I will work out how COPS can best meet these needs with the resources we have (and how we get additional resources if we need them). Questionnaires will be hitting your mat (or inbox, depending on your mailing preferences) shortly before the Survivors’ Weekend, and I am hoping that responses will come back throughout August.

New Staff

I have appointed a new Events and Communications Administrator, Claire Stewart, who starts with us on Monday 6 July. She brings lots of valuable experience in organising events and raising awareness. I hope that you will join me in welcoming her warmly to COPS and giving her the kind of generous reception which I have felt touched to receive.

“Backroom” operations
I have started the work of mapping our policies and processes, gauging the skills that we have within the charity and making sure that we are not only compliant but working towards best practice. In these areas, COPS is not dissimilar to many other organisations – we have areas of strength and areas where we need to be a little better. It is reassuring, though, that there are no immediate alarm bells ringing.

My prime focus for July is the completion of the questionnaires for Stage 2 of the Survivor Consultation. I am looking forward to attending the Survivors’ Weekend and to meeting many of you there in person.

Richard Kotulecki
Head of Operations

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