COPS support for police widows’ pension campaign

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CARE of Police Survivors is supporting the campaign to assure all police widows and widowers pensions for life.

As a charity whose purpose is to support Survivors, we believe that success in this campaign will be for their benefit.

Denis Gunn, National President of COPS, said: “As the number of signatories on Kate Hall’s petition passes the 100,000 required to trigger a parliamentary debate COPS re-affirms its support for the campaign.” 

He added: “We wish Kate and all police widows and widowers in her position every success in their quest to keep their pensions for life.

“Following the recent changes to the rules in Scotland and previously in Northern Ireland, I strongly believe the same changes should be applied in England and Wales.”

Jan Berry, Chair of Trustees at COPS explained further: “This campaign is simply aimed at righting a wrong by allowing the widows and widowers of police officers to keep their pension should they later remarry. Northern Ireland and Scotland have led the way, England and Wales should now follow.

“We have seen recently the dangers facing police officers and how some sadly do not come home at the end of their shift. Police officers need reassurance their loved ones will be supported and able to carry on their lives if they are killed on duty.

“Husbands and wives are partners, rules which treat a spouse as a “dependent” are draconian, outdated and need to change. Kate Hall has done a remarkable job highlighting this injustice, it is now down to the politicians to demonstrate their support.”

Kate Hall, leading the campaign, commented: “I’m delighted that COPS is supporting our Police Widows’ Pension Campaign.

“We are all part of the police family and in times of need it is always good to know that your family members are prepared to walk with you no matter how difficult the path.

“Just six of us were allowed to visit Downing Street in person – it is comforting to know that COPS will be with us in spirit.”

COPS wishes Kate and all the campaigners success.


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