Top marks for Tyler thanks to memorial fund

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Tyler Stoodley Photo cropped

CONGRATULATIONS to Tyler Stoodley, son of Avon and Somerset Police officer Kevin Stoodley, who passed his driving test after having lessons paid for by the Jim McNulty Memorial Fund.

Tyler (pictured) said: “Driving lessons and tests are very expensive and as an apprentice plumber isn’t something I can afford to do on an apprentice wage so financially I am still reliant on my mum.

“Receiving the funds from the Jim McNulty Memorial Fund has enabled me to continue driving lessons and go on to pass my test.”
He added: “I am no longer reliant on my mum to taxi me around and have gained a level of independence, which is also a support to my Mum whether it’s to help do a bit of shopping or help with the school run or clubs for my younger brother and sister.”

More information about the Jim McNulty Memorial Fund can be found on our website or by calling 01543 410790.

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