COPS consults Survivors on charity’s future direction

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THE help and support Care of Police Survivors offers the relatives of fallen police officers both now and in the future will be shaped by the results of our recent consultation.

COPS launched a survey over the Summer of 2015 with the aim of better understanding the needs of Survivors and whether – and how – these change over time.

An excellent 101 responses were received from 324 surveys sent out. A report, Listening to Police Survivors, has now been published.A number of clear themes have emerged, which will allow the charity to start working through the complexities of providing a service for Survivors, whose needs are all individual.

Many people get a huge amount out of what COPS does – but some people would benefit more from different support.
There are several ways the charity could offer additional forms of support. Even if only a small number of people need particular support we should not discount offering it.

People’s needs are likely to change over time, but we can’t always predict how – life always throws up unforeseen challenges.
People arrive at COPS via many different routes so it is not possible to build a one-size charity that will fit all. Celebrating our differences, and being adaptable and flexible are the keys to a successful future for the charity.

COPS needs to get its structures right to reflect a charity that has grown in size in recent years.

Our intention is to use the responses from the survey as a starting point from which to develop what COPS does so that it meets the needs of as many people as possible. A summary of the survey results can be seen over these two pages.

The full report can be viewed in the COPS documents section of the COPS website

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