Remember the dangers all officers face

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Denis Gunn

IT has been a very busy autumn for the COPS team organising and attending various events throughout the country, and a time during which COPS has received a lot of publicity.

We have all been terribly saddened by the death of PC David Phillips, of Merseyside Police. I was privileged to attend PC Phillips’ funeral in Liverpool and what a remarkable show of unity the public and the police service demonstrated in coming together to pay their respects. Thank you to all of PC Phillips’ family for their generosity in asking for donations to COPS instead of flowers at Dave’s funeral – a very generous gesture at such a sad time for them all.

Further publicity came our way with the matter of whether police officers should be allowed to wear the Thin Blue Line patches. Regardless of individual views, let me thank UK COP Humour for donating over £15,000, with the expectation of much more to follow, from the sale of the patches. That is an amazing sum.

The COPS-supported petition driven by Survivor Kate Hall to allow police widows and widowers to keep their pension for life has achieved a notable success. The Government ruled that from 1 April those whose officers were killed on duty and received pensions would retain them should they remarry or co-habit.

September brought the Scottish Police Memorial service and the National Police Memorial Day service in Edinburgh, which were both well attended by COPS Survivors.

We were also pleased to be represented at the Remembrance Day service at the National Memorial Arboretum in November and at the Police Bravery Awards in October, where some astonishing acts of bravery and life saving were relayed. It is another stark reminder that our officers frequently face danger as part of their daily job. You are all remarkable people.

Sadly, during 2015 we bade a fond farewell to some of our most loyal supporters.

Please take a moment to remember our friends Sue Bishop, Betty Drake, Nicola Easterbrook, June Horsley and Ted Pratt. May they all rest in peace.

It only remains for me to wish you all a safe winter and a very peaceful Christmas. May happy memories from Christmases past warm your hearts at this difficult time.

Denis Gunn is President of COPS

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