Parents and childrens’ weekends on the cards

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Police tape across an open door

INFORMATION has been sent out about the Care of Police Survivors Parents’ Weekend, due to take place on 6 to 8 June.

Anyone who is yet to return their form is encouraged to send it back as soon as possible. Please contact Events Coordinator Sue Bishop at if you would like to attend. COPS is also looking for your ideas for the Childrens’ Weekend.

This has not taken place for the last couple of years, but the Survivors Committee would really like to organise the weekend for later this year.

Please also send your ideas to Sue Bishop.

There is also still time to buy tickets for a Care of Police Survivors Charity Dinner, which will be held in The Wolf Room at Eaton Park in Chester on 5 June, with kind permission from the Duke and Duchess of Westminster. Entertainment will be provided by singer John Norcott.

For further information please contact Janet Graham at or 07728115441.




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