Survivor pension changes introduced – but not retrospective

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WIDOWS and widowers of police officers killed on duty in England and Wales can now keep pensions if they remarry – but the changes are not retrospective.

“In recognition of the risks faced as an everyday part of policing,” Home Secretary Theresa May announced in October 2015 that the 1987 Police Pension Scheme will be amended to allow widows, widowers and civil partners of police officers who have died on duty and then remarry keep their pensions.

The changes come into force on/from 1 April 2015, but they are not retrospective, meaning anyone who has remarried before then will not receive the pension.

Campaigner Kate Hall, whose husband Colin died on duty in 1987, is now asking senior members of the police family to lend public support to the campaign.

“It is my belief that to revoke a police widow’s pension when her husband has paid in 11 per cent of his wages in the belief that she would receive it for life, is unfair; to revoke a police widow’s pension when her husband’s force has also made a contribution to that pension is hard to believe,” she told

“To deny a police widow a lifelong pension when her peers and sisters within the police family in Northern Ireland now receive theirs for life – is morally unjustifiable.”

She added: “It is disingenuous of the government to recognise the high risk of harm that police officers face as an everyday part of their jobs and then to tell serving officers that unless they are killed on duty this will make no difference to their widows.”

She added that other issues with the regulations had also been overlooked, including the fact that if she had divorced her late husband and then been awarded a proportion of his pension as part of the divorce settlement, she would have been able to keep it for life regardless of whether she moved in with a new partner.

“He would be broken hearted to know that as his widow I no longer receive the pension that he worked so hard to provide for me,” she said.

You can see the full Home Office FAQ document on the new changes to benefits for survivors of police officers killed on duty here


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