New UK Memorial: “Permanent names will be included”

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THE names of fallen police officers will be included on the new UK Police Memorial, it has been announced.

In a statement, the UK Police Memorial said that “following a meeting of the UKPM Trustees today, March 14th, we are pleased to confirm, by unanimous agreement, the decision that permanent names will be included on the new UK Police Memorial.”

It added: “A sub-committee to advise on the full naming policy will be convened shortly to listen to all the views of those with an interest in the Memorial and they will then report back to the Trustees on the subject of how to best address which names will be included.

“Survivors will be fully included in this process. Full details of this will be published at a later time.”

The statement continued: “The Trust has been running an ongoing consultation survey which has already been widely shared with police family stakeholders, including all Chief Constables to distribute to their teams and with organisations, including COPS (Care of Police Survivors), to distribute to their members.

“The deadline for this survey has now been extended to April 30th and if you would like to add your views to it, you can do so here

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