Counselling support available for all bereaved families

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COPS is delighted to announce a new partnership with RedArc to provide counselling support for families bereaved by the loss of their Police Officer.

The partnership means that all COPS families will be able to access the full range of support from Red Arc’s Personal Nurse Advisors. For more information about the partnership and support available visit the COPS website:

About RedArc

RedArc has many years’ experience in supporting bereaved people, many of whom are police officers, staff or retirees.

RedArc Personal Nurse Advisers are all very experienced, qualified Nurses and have been trained in bereavement and trauma support.

A Personal Nurse Adviser is allocated to each bereaved family and remains their dedicated nurse for as long as and as often as required, so a strong supportive long term relationship is built up.

About the services available to families

The Personal Nurse Adviser will telephone the survivor on a regular basis and can help in many ways, for example:

  • Helping families come to terms with what has happened, in their own time, however long this takes.
  • Supporting parents to cope with their children’s grief as well as their own
  • Helping families to fill the practical gaps created by their loss e.g. childcare, schoolwork etc.
  • Support in getting back to normality, back to work or social life after the bereavement.
  • Advice on sleeping, relaxation or other health concerns.
  • Discussions relating to things like loved one’s ashes, headstone wordings, memorials etc.
  • Suitable leaflets, information, memory boxes, workbooks for children etc.
  • Provision of relevant therapy or counselling e.g. a form of complementary therapy may help with relaxation or sleeping, bereavement counselling may be necessary for the adults or children.
  • Identification of charities appropriate to the situation e.g. Winstons Wish, Grief Encounter, Widowed and Young etc.

OR simply, an opportunity to offload to the Personal Nurse Adviser who has plenty of time to listen.

How do families access the support?

Families can access the support in one of two ways – by contacting the COPS office, who will make a referral to RedArc, or by getting in touch with RedArc directly on 01244 625 180. Both options are confidential. RedArc will not pass any clinical details of support provided to anyone, including COPS.

More information about RedArc and the support available can be found at

There is no cost to families for accessing any of this support. The price paid is already too high.

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