Victims of Cyprus Emergency honoured with memorial stone

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A MEMORIAL has been officially unveiled at the National Arboretum to remember the lives of the civilian police officers and British servicemen who died during the Cyprus Emergency of 1955.

A total of 392 people died during the four-year conflict, and their names have been immortalised in the Cyprus Rock Memorial.

The four-tonne piece of Cypriot rock, containing a time capsule in which the names of the 370 ser-vicemen and the 21 British police officers are recorded, was unveiled at a ceremony on 21 August.

It had been carried to the UK by the Royal Air Force.

Steve Lloyd, Trust Manager of The Police Roll of Honour Trust, said: “I was proud to meet some of the families and colleagues of those who we commemorated today”.

The memorial came about thanks to former Special Police Constable David Littlemore, who served in Cyprus with the Royal Military Police during the emergency.

He said: “They served, and in some cases died, together. So it is right and fitting that we commem-orate their sacrifice in this unique memorial. All their names have been added to a Roll of Honour which was sealed in a time capsule inside the rock for eternity.”

Sara Thornton, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council and Patron of The Police Roll of Honour Trust, led the British police presence at the dedication.

Former Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon, who unveiled the memorial, said: “This marvellous memorial commemorates all those military and police who died in the four-year campaign period”.

More than 500 servicemen and police veterans attended the service, and two special parade standards were present among over 20 on parade. Veteran Kim Tyler travelled from the Royal Brit-ish Legion branch in Cyprus and brought with him the Trust’s United Kingdom Police Unit (Cyprus) parade standard.

The Cyprus Emergency was a military action that took place in British Cyprus, primarily consisting of an insurgent campaign by the Greek Cypriot militant group, the National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters (EOKA), to remove the British from Cyprus so it could be unified with Greece.

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