COPS disappointment at Police Memorial names decision

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STATEMENT from Care of Police Survivors following the announcement by the Police Arboretum Memorial Trust regarding names on the UK Police Memorial.

COPS expresses its disappointment at the decision.

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As a charity representing the families of officers who have lost their lives on duty, we have campaigned, and continue to believe, that the names of all officers who have died on duty should be permanently inscribed on the memorial.

COPS was represented on the names committee and through the decision process put forward the views of our charity and the families we represent.

We believe that all officers are exposed to the same risks whilst serving to protect the public and that this should be recognized, particularly when officers lose their lives on duty, whatever the circumstances.

As we represent the families of officers who have lost their lives on duty, this is a belief that we will continue to pursue, and one that we will continue to put forward in a constructive and forthright manner to the memorial Trustees.

The Police Arboretum Memorial Trust announced this week that the names of more than 1,800 police officers and police staff, who have died from injuries they sustained whilst carrying out their lawful duties, are to be inscribed on the UK Police Memorial at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire.

More than 4,000 police officers have died on duty however.

The Trust announced that the memorial will “permanently record the names of those officers and staff who received injuries in the course of their lawful duty from which they subsequently died.”

See the full Trust statement here

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